Advisory Capabilities

Leonis has the Investment Banking expertise and experience to be able to advise in M&A, Restructuring, or Capital Raising Capacity

Sell-Side Advisory Services

  • Transaction Preparation Services: Leonis often acts as an advisor in advance of an actual M&A event by providing outsourced valuation support and by fielding inbound solicitations for its clients before a transaction takes place

  • Leonis has experience running exclusive, targeted and broad auction sell-side process and attracting both domestic and international buyers
  • Via its database that utilizes proprietary algorithms Leonis has proprietary access to thousands private equity and financial buyers
  • Leonis has direct access to the important decision makers at active strategic buyers

Buy-Side Advisory Services

  • Leonis has experience in sourcing targets for its clients
  • Maintain an active calling effort into many narrowly defined verticals and thus often know the most best and highest potential targets
  • Utilize a proprietary database of companies to continually update calling lists and identify high quality acquisition targets
  • Provide an outsourced calling effort for private equity clients as well as strategic business development teams


  • Extensive background with some of the most complex and larges restructurings in the U.S.
  • Can assist in out-of-court restructurings as well as formal BK estate advisory services
  • Have a history of successfully utilizing ยง363 sales and stalking horse bidders to maximize value for estate and creditors
  • Significant background with financial services, real estate industrial restructurings

Special Situations

  • Provide Fairness Opinions for private and public buyers or sellers or their Independent Special Committees
  • Understand the intricacies of public company Fairness Opinions and Special Committees
  • Provide Arbitration Opinions for determining valuations for ascertaining values for Estate and Corporate disputes
  • Provide Board level discussion materials on valuation and strategic alternatives as well as serve on Board of Directors in a consultative capacity